I am passionate about teaching and have taught a wide variety of courses. I especially enjoy linking the ideas of different courses together to show students how these ideas mesh, which also has the added benefit of making some of the material less abstract. Many of these courses are cross-listed with other departments, and I enjoy teaching both philosophy majors and those who are new to philosophy.

Courses Taught at Widener University:

Philosophy 105 Introduction to Logic

Philosophy 120 – Symbolic Logic

Philosophy 350 Medical Ethics

Philosophy 352 – Business Ethics

Arts and Sciences 101 – What Is Reality?

Courses Taught at the University of Arizona:

Philosophy 150A – Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual

Philosophy 202 – Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Philosophy 213 – Contemporary Moral Problems

Philosophy 241 – Consciousness and Cognition

Philosophy 321 – Medical Ethics

Philosophy 330 – Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy 347 – Neuroethics

Philosophy 150A – Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual (Teaching Assistant)

Philosophy 150B – Personal Morality (Teaching Assistant)

Philosophy 160D1 – Justice and Virtue (Teaching Assistant)

Philosophy 161D2 – Mind, Matter, and God (Teaching Assistant)